Saturday, August 6, 2011

Goodbye Bangkok!

Our time in Bangkok is done! here is a quick recap of what we've done so far:
  • · (In Korea) Learn about “abba” prayer, based on Romans 8:26. We ask the Holy Spirit to intercede for us and focus on God, not necessarily on our prayer requests…but in the process miracles happen!
  • · Take a 10 hour van ride to visit an IDP (internally displaced people) camp in Maesot, a city on the border of Thailand and Burma, to bring gifts and hear the stories of refugee orphans who had to travel through the jungle for three days to escape Burmese soldiers. One girl shared that she doesn’t know her birthday, but she guessed that she was around 12 years old. Even though she only just finished second grade, she was so grateful to be getting an education at the camp.
  • · Visit the slum community with Brenda and James Strombeck, where they go every week to provide dinner, play games, and do crafts with the children. Afterwards, we got to sit in on an English class they provide for free for the community. There have been churches that helped out this community before, but it was very conditional; if the community accepted Christ, then the church will help. Because of these scars, Brenda and James go simply to love the kids and have gained trust with them in the past few years.
  • · Travel up north to visit and learn about the Isan Fish Farm in Udon Thani, a part of SDRF (Sustainable Development Research Foundation).
  • · Visit The Well, a leadership and equipping ministry who reach women working in the bars to teach jewelry-making and other goods. Kiana, Rebekah, and I have been involved with outreach, where we go to the bars to develop relationships with the women involved in the sex industry.
  • · Participate in NS BKK verges (services), staff meetings, and help remodel the space and café.
  • · Take a short trip to the island Koh Samet with our team along with some friends for team building and reflection.
  • · In the midst of it all, live out communitas; invite people to our home (or go to other people’s homes), eat together, listen to their stories, and encourage them with prayer. See how God is already moving in Bangkok!
Thanks to all our supporters and friends who've been praying for us. See u soon :D

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