Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just flow with the Holy Spirit

Today I got to take a picture with the chef at that nearby restaurant. He’s the one who has heart problems. Since Ki-Lang wasn’t there, I told him in all the Thai words and various hand motions that I thought he was a great chef, and that I would be praying to God (“Prajow”) for his heart! Yay! :) That might have been the last time our team would get to eat there since we are leaving soon :(

Also, Mike, Josh, Kiana, and I went out with Ki-Lang for the night. When we were coming back to our apartment, we got into a taxi cab with a nice man who was willing to turn on the meter. Then he broke the ice by playing music and letting Ki-Lang sing/dance to it. This opened up a huge conversation between all of us and the taxi driver could speak English! He told us how he used to work with ISUZU and had travelled half the world. He had been to Japan, Germany, Australia, Singapore, etc.

Then he said that “If you have enough money, you should help others.” Ki-Lang followed that by telling him that he really liked what the taxi driver said because in the Bible, Jesus says that if you are rich, but your soul is dead, then there is no meaning.

We told him how we were here to help with a church, and we invited him to come to the church party this Saturday at Newsong. Ki-Lang got his phone number, called his phone, in which caused the taxi driver to say “Listen to my ringtone!!” Hahah it was great.

Yeah I really hope he comes to church on Saturday! :D


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