Wednesday, July 27, 2011

bowling with an amazing mom

Our friend Sophia, who's involved with the Well, who does ministry with women in the bars, took the girls on our team to a Bar to talk to girls that were working there. During that night we heard from our girls on the team, that they were shocked to see these Bar Girls parading themselves topless to men who would buy a drink from them and take them out for the night. The girls on our team took the time to get to know a few bar girls with the help of our friend Sophia, and invited them out to newsong bangkok on sunday morning as they worked every nite.

After service one of the ladies, who's name is Lak, shared with us how this church was so different from what she expected. I spoke on lies and truth that morning, and she said that everyone in the bar told her not to go to church today as they said there was nothing for her here. I shard Philippians 4, about the God of peace being with us as we focus on what is true and noble and putting that into practice. I believed she felt God's presence and we all went out to have lunch.

Over lunch she shared a heart breaking story of how her boyfriend from a few years ago tragically died during the Tsunamis in 2004, and has raised her son and 3 other kids from other relationships since then, she was raising 4 kids, plus supporting her brother and family members by working as a Bar girl.

I told her she was an amazing mom for sacrificing so much and loving her family despite how difficult her work is, she doesn't want to do it, but its the only way she can make some money, she is illiterate and even worked in construction to make ends meet but it was not enough. When I told her this, she started crying and i couldn't fight my tears back either. I shared Psalm 23 with them, so they could hold onto truth before they would go to sleep.

After Lak shared we went of to Bowl. Had a blast bowling and hanging out at the disco/tech bowling alley. After that Lak and her 2 friends had to go to work for the night.

It was a true honor to hang with them and hear their story.

more to come.

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