Saturday, July 23, 2011

God answered

Greetings again from Bangkok. In my previous update, I discussed the hero in John 6 and how he was in the right place at the right time. If you haven't read it, do so now. It makes this blog even more meaningful.

Last Sunday morning, our team helped take care of the kids during service. Those little rascals were rowdy, but they were pretty fun and full of energy! Bekah prepared a lanyard for one of the kids but then wanted us to do it for I decided to do it (growing up in summer camp, it was a fun craft that made the time go by faster). After working on it for a day, Bekah helped me make it into the shape of a fish. It was pretty cool and it felt good to finish it! I placed in my pocket and forgot about it.

The next day, we visited an organization called the Well with Sophia from Newsong Bangkok. It's a group that focuses on sex trafficking victims, but they also try to take in their families as well. So any kids or boyfriends/husbands are encouraged to come too. Overall it makes it better for the women and their progress towards staying out of that job market.

After sitting in on a worship time with about 20 women and a few men, we stopped by the child care center. We met Pi Lek (Pi is used to acknowledge someone older), the woman who cares for up to 10 kids of the women at the Well. She really needed prayer because she's been struggling as of late, so we gathered and prayed.

As she was thanking us for taking the time to pray with her, I was just sitting there and listening with my hands in my pockets and I realized I still had the lanyard. All of a sudden my heart began to race as I felt like I was supposed to give it to her as a symbol for something. I've never been so overwhelmed by the spirit to move in such a way; naturally I was afraid of a potentially awkward situation...but when I saw that this was an opportunity that couldn't be missed, I pulled it out of my pocket. I asked Sophia to translate for me and I shared with Pi Lek that I felt like I was supposed to give the lanyard to her as a symbol and reminder of God's love and presence in her life. She examined it and grasped my hand, both of us holding back the tears. And she said thank you over and over again.

I completely forgot that I wrote about John 6 in the previous post. And when I mentioned at the end about that fateful day where we will all be in the right place at the right time, I never would have guessed that it would happen in the next week. Pi Lek was so thankful, but I was even more blessed for God's intervention in my life and using me to be a blessing. If it wasn't for Sunday working with the kids or had I emptied my pockets, this may not have happened. It was an honor to be a vessel for God's everlasting love to Pi Lek. Praise the Lord!

Praise on,

Michael Fukuda

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