Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Trust Beyond Understanding

With today being our last day in Korea and a long bus ride to the airport ahead of us, we picked up a BUNCH of steamed buns to hold us over. Words cannot describe how delicious these buns are. Throughout this trip, I encountered a lot of good food and I always had something to say but this was different. I normally don't like red bean but this was bearable for the deliciousness that I experienced. What's even more amazing is the story behind that little shop that was the source for these little drops of heaven.

The owners of this shop are 4 women who attend the church that Abe's father is the pastor of. Together, they come up with an amount that they want to give to God and from there, whatever money they make (no matter what the amount) they give that exact number. This is all given before they touch any of the profits. If they don't hit that number, they pay the difference out of their own pockets. (INCREDIBLE!) Once that money has been given to God, they split up the profits amongst themselves and with that profit they TITHE 10% (WHAT IN THE WORLD...).

For me, something I've been thinking about during this trip is offering. Not just money, but other means as well. While I do give time to God both in service and personal time, when that offering basket comes around, more often than not, I pass it along. Sometimes I don't have cash (but I can give online), sometimes I only have large bills (does that matter?), and sometimes I just feel like I don't have enough money to give to God. What's up with that mentality? If I can't give now as a college student, how much more difficult would it be when I have a job and the amount I should give is even more?

This story of the steamed buns really hit home inside my heart. The trust that they have in God is so incredible and apparently, their business is flourishing. Sure, there are probably months where they don't meet that magic number, but how awesome is it to see God come through for them EVERY MONTH as they offer what they don't even have yet. Simply amazing what God can reveal to us in new environments!

Praise on,


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  1. love your honesty, fooks! can't wait to hear more :)